Kazakhstan to reduce import dependence

24.08.2022, 10:19

Kazakhstan intends to reduce dependence on fruit and vegetable imports. Namely seasonal fruits and vegetables, announced the Head of the Department for Production and Processing Plant Products of Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture. According to Azat Sultanov, investment projects that allow for the transition from traditional gardening to an intensive one have already been implemented in the country. This will boost the fruit production by five times, that is from seven to 30 tonnes. Farmers should have such a harvest by 2025. Sultanov added that the issue of vegetable storages would also be resolved by that time.

“We completely cover our needs for vegetables, in particular for potatoes. The production is equal to consumption, but there are also times in between seasons and sometimes a shortage. A lack of storage capacity does not allow our agricultural producers to save the harvest between the farming seasons. As per the instruction of the Head of State, we began to stimulate the construction of the massive fruit and vegetable storages. Thus, the produce that we collect will go to the domestic market, and will cover our needs in between seasons. The surplus will be sent for export, of course,” Sultanov said.