Kazakhstan’s economy grows 4.3% in two months

14.03.2023, 18:37

Kazakhstan’s export and import indicators are growing rapidly. In January alone, the country's foreign trade grew by almost 16 percent and exceeded US$10 billion. Exports of processed goods increased by 21.5 percent since the start of the year. Kazakh Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov reported on the main results of economic development in the January-February period. The country's GDP rose by 4.3 percent in two months, Kuantyrov noted. The highest growth rates were observed in the mechanical engineering and light industries, where production grew by almost a third. Besides, there is a noticeable growth in services and investment.

“All of the main sectors are showing positive dynamics. Construction, trade, and information and communications have the highest growth indicators. The growth rate of investment in fixed assets was 19.2 percent. The investment inflow increased by 72.8 percent in transport and warehousing, by 33.1 percent in agriculture, by 12.1 percent in real estate transactions, and by 14.1 percent in industry, including mining and manufacturing sectors,” Kuantyrov said.