Head of State receives Mazhilis Chairperson Yerlan Koshanov

03.10.2022 19:34

Yerlan Koshanov reported on the participation of the Kazakh delegation in the opening ceremony of the IV World Nomad Games in Turkey.

Kazakh athletes win 9 medals at IV World Nomad Games

03.10.2022 18:54

Following the results of the competition, the national team got three gold, four silver and two bronze medals. 

Taraz becomes first Kazakh city included in World Craft Cities list

03.10.2022 15:33

It bears noting that the application was submitted in 2022, and then 12 international experts visited the regional center in July. 

Kazakh craftsman makes eco-friendly dinnerware in national style

03.10.2022 15:17

The young master plans to launch his own brand. His dream is to open a shop selling national items in the future.

Features and advantages of International Arbitration Centre

30.09.2022 20:02

IAC Chairman Barbara Dohmann KC gave an exclusive interview to Jibek Joly TV channel. 

Kazakhstan through eyes of French photojournalist

30.09.2022 19:00

Frederic Noy seeks to reveal the unexplored sides of the country of the Great Steppe through his photographs.

Kazakh President instructs to develop transport corridors in Abai region

30.09.2022 18:26

President of Kazakhstan continues a series of working trips to the regions of the country. 

Competition for grant funding of young scientists kicks off in Kazakhstan

30.09.2022 16:06

Kazakhstan can provide funding for young scientists for their research.