Ancient relic presented in Karagandy region

12.05.2022, 10:25

An ancient quiver for arrows, belonging to an ally of Abylai Khan Karamende Bi Shakauly, was presented in Karagandy region. For three centuries, the descendants of the famous orator and diplomat kept the relic and passed it down as inheritance. The quiver was sewn by a skilled craftsman. It is made of thick leather with a relief ornament. The bottom of the quiver is covered with wood, while the upper part was not preserved. The belt that held part of the archer’s equipment at the waist was also lost.

“Grandmother kept the quiver until her passing. She was often asked to show the relic at exhibitions, to have it transferred to museums, but she never agreed to give it away. Some details of the quiver were lost over time, so she wanted to keep what was left,” said Kairat Baibossynov, descendant of Karamende Bi.


Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova