Maulen Ashimbayev calls president’s decision to hold snap presidential elections strategic

01.09.2022, 19:51

The call of Kazakh President to hold a snap presidential election this autumn is a strategic decision in the context of building the New Kazakhstan, opined the country’s Senate Speaker Maulen Ashimbayev. The Chairperson of the Upper House said that this initiative would give a new boost to the consistent development of the country’s political system and would allow to keep following the course towards reforms and upgrade set by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

“Our citizens keep asking questions and criticizing the authorities, saying that the state apparatus needs replacements. They say that new people need to enter the government. If we proceed from this point, new members must be appointed to the positions of governors, mayors, members of Lower and Upper Houses of the Kazakh Parliament. That is what they are talking about. Therefore, the president made the strategic decision to reboot our state apparatus, receive a mandate from citizens, so that new members get the opportunity to be part of the government. This step should be considered in the context of general political reforms,” Senate Speaker said.