Kazakh Government adopts draft national plan to foster economic resilience

06.09.2022, 17:43

During the Government’s meeting, Kazakh Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov announced that Kazakhstan intends to build schools for 800,000 students by 2025 under the new national project ‘Comfortable School’. He presented a draft national plan for the implementation of the President’s state-of-the-nation address. The document consists of 109 actions in six areas.

“A new law on ‘Public Procurement’ will be adopted to prioritize quality over the minimum price of purchased goods, works and services. It is planned to intensify the work of the Water Council under the Government with the involvement of experts. A three-year comprehensive plan for the water sector will be developed as well. A national project “Modernization of Rural Healthcare” is set for launch, too. In addition, measures will be worked out to substantially improve the health infrastructure, including the public private partnerships,’ Kuantyrov explained.

Moreover, the Kazakh Prime Minister called on the local administrations and government agencies to promptly start implementing the national plan.

“The plan is aimed at solving pressing issues for the population and business, such as price regulation, tax and customs administration, simplification of budgetary processes, support for entrepreneurship, road construction, ensuring the rule of law and the quality of the administration of justice, as well as strengthening public safety. I am instructing the Ministry of National Economy, together with the Prime Minister’s Office, to submit the draft Decree to the Presidential Administration today,” Alikhan Smailov added.

Following the discussion, the Kazakh government approved the presented draft document, which provides for the execution of the instructions of the Head of State.