World’s most multinational orchestra: Kazakhstan sets new Guinness Record

07.09.2022, 17:50

A new world record was set in Kazakhstan. The world’s most multinational orchestra performed in Nur-sultan. The achievement was recorded by the official Guinness World Records adjudicator. It bears noting that the event took place in the run-up to the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. Representatives of 75 nationalities from 51 countries took part in the Music of the World project. A total of over 500 people submitted their casting applications. The multinational orchestra performed the works of Abai, Borodin and Michael Jackson.

“We’ve announced a special audition. Applications were submitted to our website and 110 people out of 500 were selected to perform on stage. Of course, they needed to rehearse day and night for five days. The orchestra performed five compositions, two of which are our Kazakh songs, since the event is happening in Kazakhstan. These are ‘Kara zhorga’ kui song and Abai’s song named ‘Zhelsiz Tunde Zharyk Ai’. The orchestra also performed Ave Maria, Vangelis and Polovtsian Dances,” said project organizer Daut Shaikhislamov.