Record number of 125,000 Kazakh citizens receives scholarships from vocational education institutions

08.09.2022, 15:59

A record number of Kazakh citizens received scholarships to study at the country's vocational education institutions this year. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Enlightenment, 125,000 people entered educational institutions this year, which is 45,000 more than in 2021. Most of them chose engineering, construction, education, tourism and hospitality majors. It bears noting that this year the list of quotas for those wishing to study for free was expanded. Additional slots were allocated to children from large and single-parent families, as well as to those who come from families raising children with special educational needs.

“As part of the President’s instructions, 70 percent of state orders will be given to technical professions until 2025. Thus, already this year, over 52,000 school graduates chose majors related to engineering, manufacturing and construction industries. In addition, this year, for the first time, nearly 8,000 students received grants as part of targeted training at the request of enterprises with subsequent employment. The targeted state order allows vocational education institutions to train personnel according to the labor market demands. That is, children will be able to get a job right after graduation,” said Nassymzhan Ospanova, Director of the Technical and Vocational Education Department at the Kazakh Ministry of Enlightenment.

This year, the applicants had the opportunity to select up to four majors and up to four colleges when submitting their applications.