Unique exhibition ‘History of religions on the territory of Kazakhstan’ kicks off in National Museum

13.09.2022, 14:29

Ancient Karakhanid coins, Buddhist sculptures, ritual altar bowls, and manuscripts of the Quran and the Bible. All these rare exhibits and artifacts are presented at the international exhibition ‘History of Religions on the Territory of Kazakhstan’ held at the capital’s National Museum. The exposition was timed for the 7th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. It includes the items from the collections of the country’s National Museum and the Library of the First President. According to the organizers, the diversity of religious artifacts found in the country proves that the territory of modern Kazakhstan have been an important transit hub between East and West for centuries.

“Not without reason Kazakhstan became a venue for such large-scale events. Our history records religions and civilizations that used to cross in the country. Once there, on the north of the Caspian Sea, was born Zoroastrianism. Buddhism crossed the border with Nepal and India, went along the territory of modern Kazakhstan and later turned into one of the world’s major religions. Caravans from all over the world used to move across our territory,” said Bulat Sarsenbayev, Chairperson of the N. Nazarbayev Center for Development of Interfaith and Intercivilizational Dialogue.

The exhibition available for everyone will run until September 16.