Representatives of Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism arrive in Kazakhstan

13.09.2022, 14:37

Two representatives of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism arrived in Kazakhstan to participate in the VII Congress of World and Traditional Religions. The history of the emergence of Buddhism in Korea goes back centuries. The religion got there from China back in 372 AD. It was the first and main traditional religion in that land. There are now more than seven million adherents of Buddhism in the country. Temples are frequently visited for informational purposes as well. People come there to learn more about the culture and history of Korea.

“Our temple was established 1,000 years ago during the Silla Kingdom period. There are about 700 ancient temples like ours in Korea. We do not have many visitors because there are few Buddhists among the local residents. Mostly, it is the schoolchildren and tourists who come to the tour,” noted Sang Jun, Spokesperson for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.