30th anniversary of UN presence in Kazakhstan

20.02.2023, 16:00

The United Nations Office in Kazakhstan is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The first office of the UN was opened in February 1993. The country joined the UN a year before, in 1992. Over these 30 years, 27 agencies appeared in Kazakhstan as part of the Organization. They carry out project activities in various spheres, including economic and social development, environmental protection, gender equality and women's empowerment, protection of human rights, and overall support of the country in achieving sustainable development goals. It bears noting that throughout the years of the UN presence in Kazakhstan, more than 400 projects have been implemented, both at the national, regional, and local levels. In particular, over one million people have been supported through projects on biodiversity conservation and land management. Also, assistance was provided to agricultural enterprises and farmers from 16 districts of the country. Moreover, 37 companies received financial support totaling 4.7 billion tenge through low-carbon project financing mechanisms.

“These prospects correspond to the priorities defined in the framework agreement between the United Nations and the government of Kazakhstan. I think that Kazakhstan’s commitment, which I have mentioned earlier, can be seen as a clear indicator of good prospects for cooperation in the future. This means that Kazakhstan will remain an active member of the United Nations, and the partnership between various authorities and agencies will be fostered. We're hoping to maintain at least the same number of projects, and we'd like to see it grow in the near future,” said Kurtmolla Abdulganiyev, Head of the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Kazakhstan.