Over 12 million Kazakh citizens eligible to vote in extraordinary Mazhilis and Maslikhat election

27.02.2023, 19:07

A list of eligible voters for the extraordinary Mazhilis and Maslikhat election taking place on March 19 includes 12,032,550 Kazakh citizens. According to the Central Election Commission Chairperson Nurlan Abdirov, different colors of ballot papers will be used on election day, their size will change as well.

“We decided to experiment and see what would happen if we switched from the usual A4 size ballot paper to an easy-to-read A5 format. As for party lists, the ballots will consist of eight lines with boxes for marking. Seven lines include the names of political parties in two languages, and the last eighth line is for the ‘None of the Above’ option. There are also notes explaining how to mark the box. When it comes to single-mandate constituencies, the names of up to 16 candidates fit very well, everything is fully depicted and clearly visible. It requires no straining to read it,” Abdirov said.

In addition, the CEC noted that special places are being equipped at polling stations for visually impaired people. Additional lighting, magnifiers and other things will be provided.