Mobile application for public alert presented in Kazakh Emergency Situations Ministry

01.03.2023, 15:00

The Darmen mobile application will notify users about impending natural disasters, massive threats and incidents in Kazakhstan, representatives of the Civil Defense Committee of the Kazakh Ministry of Emergency Situations report. The service offered free of charge provides data on the location of evacuation stations in case of earthquakes, as well as on closure or opening of roads, cancellation of classes, storm warnings and prohibited places for swimming.

“In addition, the Civil Defence section has been included in the Darmen mobile app. It allows learning the rules of safe behavior, organization and actions of civil defense in the form of clear memos and instructions. The Emergencies Ministry has further plans to expand the capabilities of Darmen. I am using the platform myself and would like to recommend our citizens download this mobile app to the smartphones of their families and friends,” said Bauyrzhan Syzdykov, spokesperson for the Kazakh Ministry of Emergency Situations.

March 1 marks World Civil Defense Day globally. This year, it is celebrated under the slogan “the role of information technologies in risk assessment”. Events are organized throughout the country today. An exhibition of means and equipment of civil defense opened in the capital. Similar expositions are showcased in all regions.