Astana Opera prepares holiday program for International Women’s Day

07.03.2023, 18:00

The Astana Opera has prepared a holiday music program for International Women's Day. The concert entitled ‘Koktem aru’ featuring opera soloists, choir artists and orchestra will take place on the stage of the chamber hall. The musicians diligently honed their skills every day spending five to six hours on dress rehearsals only.

“The thematic concert included different compositions dedicated to women. We chose the best performances and we really hope our women would have a wonderful evening. For us, they are the most amazing and beautiful. All the music at the concert is about love and women,” said Daulet Shakirov, Honoured Figure of Kazakhstan.

Ballet performances will also take place on the stage of the theatre’s main hall during the holidays. On March 8 and 9, the audience of the Astana Opera will enjoy the legendary ballet Notre Dame de Paris. Two soloists Bakhtiyar Adamzhan and Serik Nakyspekov will perform one of the main parts, hunchback bell ringer Quasimodo. Nakyspekov admits that he has been playing this role for the third season and is pleased to perform it on the stage again on the holiday.

“The story has a lot of love, a lot of hate, and a lot of hypocrisy. This is a unique, very interesting, and colorful ballet. I play the role of Quasimodo. Ballet performances are some kind of routine for artists. However, at the same time, we remember how special this holiday is, and we are ready to bring joy and pleasant emotions to make our beautiful women happy,” Nakyspekov shared.