Across Central Asia

Mausoleum of Arystanbab

19.01.2021 16:03

In this issue, the entire film crew will visit the largest mausoleum of Arystanbab, Great Otrar and glorious Shymkent.

Best places to visit in Tashkent

19.01.2021 16:01

Our journey is dedicated to the history of the Great Silk Road.

Registan. A mystery covered in sand

19.01.2021 16:00

The name of the square "Registan" is translated as "a place covered with sand" and this is no accident...

Sacred mother Domalak ana

19.01.2021 15:59

Pilgrims and photo-tourists with views of the underground cave Akmeshit

Turkestan, Mausoleum of Khoja Akhmet Yassaui

19.01.2021 15:58

Now Turkestan is home to more than 155 thousand people.

Ancient Architecture of Kyrgyzstan

19.01.2021 15:57

We will visit a piece of the most ancient Kyrgyz architecture, the Burana tower.

Ancient city, Taraz

19.01.2021 15:56

The first information about the city of Taraz, preserved till our time, is in Chinese sources.

Love Story of Aisha-Bibi and Karakhan

19.01.2021 15:55

“Aisha-Bibi” is the only architectural monument in Kazakhstan, which is fully lined with carved terracotta tiles.

Charyn Canyons and Kolsai Lake

19.01.2021 15:53

Charyn National Park was established in 2004.