Across the Kazakh Land

How was the rock «Okzhetpes» formed?

29.03.2021 17:38

«Okzhetpes» is located on the shores of Lake Burabay or Auliekol.

In what area can you see Abylai Khan's glade?

16.03.2021 09:58

Tourists go on excursions around the surroundings with their guides.

What can be seen in the Shevchenko museum?

16.03.2021 09:56

Sandyktau is a pearl not yet discovered by tourists.

What diseases are treated in Borovoe?

08.03.2021 17:18

There are various legends about the origin of this stone.

Should you rest on the Shalkar Lake?

24.02.2021 16:29

Last year, a comprehensive plan for the development of the resort area Imantau-Shalkar was developed.

What medicinal properties is the Inder Lake famous for?

15.02.2021 16:45

Inder Lake contains inderite borate, which is extremely useful for the body.

Eagle hunter, village of Sofievka

09.02.2021 14:11

They wear a malachai fox cap, a sleeveless jacket embroidered with a national pattern and a beautiful belt with a massive plaque.

Boat trip on a tram along the Yessil River

03.02.2021 11:17

The program also includes the jewelry workshop of Mukhtar Sheruen, the retro park and the botanical garden of Nur-Sultan.

Exotarrium in the «Ailand» entertainment center

02.02.2021 17:25

Also in the program we will tell you about the Atyrau Regional Museum of Art and Applied Arts and the pedestrian bridge «Atyrau».