News release. 25.11. 2022

25.11.2022 21:59

Kazakhstan plans to increase youth age to 35 years. 

Kazakhstan to transport oil via Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline

23.11.2022 22:47

Negotiations between the parties are underway. 

Mysterious ship. In what region of Kazakhstan can it be found?

23.11.2022 16:13

According to a local legend, 2000 years ago, the prophet Mukh found his refuge here. 

How did Ahmed Hussein get to Kazakhstan?

23.11.2022 14:34

Ahmed Hussein, an Egyptian doctor of philosophy and physics, has worked all over the world, including Central Asia. 

Show business of the Great Steppe

22.11.2022 18:31

Since ancient times, the Kazakh Steppe had its own stage and a real theater, no worse than in the modern world.

81.31% of citizens voted for Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

22.11.2022 15:16

The Central Election Commission summed up the interim results of the presidential elections.

Fabulously beautiful Altai!!!

22.11.2022 14:37

It beckons people with its nature including beautiful forests, waterfalls, turbulent rivers.

Who built the Momine Khatun Mausoleum?

21.11.2022 23:17

The scientific expedition «Trails of Nomads» visited the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic as part of Azerbaijan. 

Kazakh filmmakers presented the movies «Bayka», «Sakta» and «Kara»

20.11.2022 18:26

 The show was dedicated to the social theme. 

Family drama «Little Samurai». How was the shooting of this movie?

20.11.2022 17:10

There is one more addition to the list of domestic film projects implemented jointly with foreign studios.

The «Pearl of the Silk Road» festival was held in Tashkent

20.11.2022 16:39

The «Pearl of the Silk Road» festival was held in Tashkent. The festival dates back to 1968. For many years it has been a landmark event for the whole of Central Asia. More in this issue!

Kazakhstan ranks eighth globally in online service index

17.11.2022 20:38

This year, the country ranked 28th among 193 countries in the E-Government Development Index.

K. Tokayev launches construction of multi-brand automobile plant in Almaty

16.11.2022 21:43

The Kazakh President was presented with the project passport and the model of the future plant that will use a completely knocked down (CKD) form of production. 

What kind of clothes did the steppe aristocracy wear two centuries ago?

16.11.2022 19:59

What did their clothes look like?

New adventurous action project in Kazakhstan! What can we expect from the new movie?

16.11.2022 19:29

The main character loses her memory and only a series of dangerous adventures will help her remember the past.

Traditions associated with the upbringing of children among the Kazakhs

16.11.2022 18:17

Traditions associated with the upbringing of children among the Kazakhs. What features do the traditions have?

What can you learn by visiting the museum of the Kokshetau city history?

15.11.2022 18:52

This museum is dedicated to the formation and development of the city, from the early Middle Ages to the present day.

What secrets does Northern Kazakhstan hide?

15.11.2022 18:17

What kind of village remain like the bottom of the man-made sea?