Altyn Orda

Golden Horde. Historical Legacy

19.01.2021 20:00

How was the Kazakh Khanate formed?

The Collapse of the Golden Horde

12.01.2021 17:01

 What caused the Golden Horde to collapse?

The Golden Horde. Goods and Trade

07.01.2021 18:50

The Golden Horde was the largest center for international trade. 

The Golden Horde. Rites, Customs and Beliefs

22.12.2020 17:51

The most ancient religion of the Mongols was shamanism.

Weapons in the Golden Horde

18.12.2020 11:37

A warrior whose main weapon was a spear was called a spearman.

How did the artisans live in the Golden Horde?

09.11.2020 12:46

How did the artisans live in the Golden Horde, what goods and items did they create?

How powerful were the wars in the Golden Horde?

08.11.2020 17:06

Batu Khan highly appreciated his soldiers, who demonstrated physical strength.

The Golden Horde. Jochi Khan. Economy and Way of Life

07.11.2020 17:04

During excavations skillful artisan products and many agricultural crops were found.