Art of Making

How are Teddy Dolls made?

14.12.2021 13:54

The history of teddy doll.

How straw hats are made?

06.12.2021 16:21

Miniature installations by Natalia Golubeva.

What is a chakan?

22.11.2021 17:38

What it means to Tajik people?

How to make a Kazakh Yurt?

25.10.2021 18:47

This is a reusable construction that is quite light, while simple and functional at the same time. 

What is Kamcha and how is it created?

11.10.2021 18:48

Since ancient times, the main means of transportation of the Kyrgyz was a horse. 

What kind of interior dolls are created by our kazakhstani craftsmen?

20.09.2021 15:51

Recently, interior handmade dolls turned into a real trend. 

How do craftsmen make products with a stoving enamel?

06.09.2021 15:52

Meet Anastasiya Tamayeva-Nikiforova, who works with a stoving enamel. She has been engaged in this type of art for almost ten years.

What tree is the Uyghur musical instrument «Rubab» made of?

06.08.2021 13:57

These instruments can be of different sizes and  can sound differently. 

Kazakh «Tai Tuyak». How is a musical instrument created from the hooves of an animal?

27.07.2021 19:13

Few people know that Kazakh people have more than 30 types of national musical instruments.