Beyond Time

Whose burial was found by archaeologist Timur Smagulov in East Kazakhstan region?

13.10.2021 15:59

Pavlodar is an ancient district of the city, where buildings of the 19-20 centuries are located. 

For whom were the mazars created in the middle of the 19th century?

30.06.2021 10:30

The sacred landscape of Saryarka awaits us ...

History of the Eleke Sazy Valley

29.01.2021 17:44

The history of the Eleke Sazy valley is very indicative.

The Mound with a mustache.Kyzyltas village

15.01.2021 17:48

Doctor of Historical Sciences Zainolla Samashev dreamed of working on the monument for a long time.

Mysterious Akbaur: from rock paintings to production workshops of saks

15.01.2021 17:47

The foot of Akbaur was developed by people from the Eneolithic. Here they set up their sanctuaries.

Ara Saka tribes sedentary or nomadic?

15.01.2021 17:46

In 2019, an archaeological camp was launched on the slopes of the Akbaur hill.

An archaeological expedition examines a mound on the banks of the Taldy River

15.01.2021 17:17

The team of archaeologists is led by Igor Kukushkin, who is an employee of the Saryarka Archaeological Institute.

Eleke Sazy Valley

28.12.2020 16:47

In order to place an ancient artifact under the museum glass, you need to shovel tons of earth.