Book Club

What is the secret of kobyz in the poem «Koilybai's Kobyz»?

27.09.2021 11:10

There is a lot of magical folklore in Kazakh literature. 

What will happen if there are too many «blind people» in society? «The Magpie Killer»

20.08.2021 12:31

 We want to discuss with you a story written by Askar Altai – «The Magpie Killer», in which the 'blindness' topic stands prominent.

What instructions did famed batyr Makhambet Otemisuly give to poetess Fariza Ongarsynova?

09.07.2021 19:01

During her lifetime, she was recognized as the queen of Kazakh poetry. 

Why did poet Zharaskan Abdrashev ask for forgiveness from the Great Steppe?

30.06.2021 10:21

Like an oracle, he wrote a prophetic poem, for which he was criticized.

What meaning is hidden in the protagonists’ dialogue in the «Besatar» story?

25.06.2021 18:22

The protagonists of this story are people who managed to remain faithful to their principles even in the most trying times.

Sain Muratbekov «The Scent of Wormwood»

08.06.2021 17:58

Sain Muratbekov was a writer and playwright. He was born on October 15, 1936 in the village of Konyr, Kapal district, Almaty region.

The «Threshold of No Return», a novel written by Auezkhan Kodar. What did the writer want to warn us about?

26.05.2021 17:56

Auezkhan Kodar had a multilayered personality, and his talents were almost limitless.

What Rakhymzhan Otarbayev wanted to convey in the novel «Bas»?

18.05.2021 18:23

The author's works are popular not only in our country, but also abroad.