Colours of Asia

Illusionists from Central Asia

09.01.2022 11:20

Sleight of hand and no fraud.

A strong personality

30.12.2021 17:04

For a person with a strong will, nothing is difficult, even if he is not physically fit. 

How sports dances look like in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan?

24.12.2021 16:16

They amaze with their energy and flexibility.

Is it easy to be a professional traveler?

15.12.2021 18:41

Why do people voluntarily choose extreme over comfort? 

How to create a comfortable environment with their own hands?

03.11.2021 16:07

Dana Meirbekova - producer and musicologist: « It was a life-long dream - to live in my own house. This is a place on the hill, and the view from it is breathtaking». 

What is landscape design and what does it look like in the cities in Central Asia?

19.10.2021 18:54

We will visit the three largest cities in Central Asia.

How do stuntmen really work in Kazakhstan?

13.10.2021 17:29

The world of stuntmen abhors boastfulness and unnecessary fuss. It's tough, but exciting.

Interior designers from Central Asia

28.09.2021 15:29

Today we decided to introduce you to professionals who due to specifity of their profession, give us a good mood.

Accompanists - fighters of an invisible front

24.08.2021 16:45

Today we decided to introduce you to people who always remain behind the scenes.