COVID Chronicles

What changes did kazakhstani travel agencies make?

26.03.2021 12:43

Several large cities of Kazakhstan are in the «red» zone.

Why is eating fruits and vegetables so important for rehabilitating after COVID?

15.03.2021 11:56

The doctors  have been working in the dirty zone with patients with COVID.

How do you overcome the post-covid syndrome and how do you need to start rehabilitating?

03.03.2021 16:44

In France, the state of sanitary emergency due to the pandemic of coronavirus has been extended until June 1. 

Doctors are dying in the fight against coronavirus

12.02.2021 16:09

Doctors are dying in the fight against coronavirus. Let's remember those who fell victim to the dangerous disease. 

When mass vaccination against coronavirus will start in Kazakhstan?

03.02.2021 15:47

The first 80 thousand doses are expected in February. 150,000 doses will be ready in March, and then 600,000 doses will be available every month.

Where they produce the Kazakhstani QazCovid-in vaccine?

07.01.2021 17:20

How did a couple from Nur-Sultan manage to open an unusual store during the pandemic?

COVID-19. Why are schools closed in Kazakhstan?

14.12.2020 15:29

About 70 schools are closed for quarantine in Kazakhstan due to infection of students and teachers.

Why there is the highest case of coronavirus in the regions of Kazakhstan bordering Russia?

13.12.2020 11:20

We will meet with a student of the medical university of the capital.

COVID-19. The kazakhstani doctors will not get a compensation anymore. Why?

12.12.2020 14:37

Health workers have received more than 84 billion tenge as compensation up to this point.