Culture Talks

Adil Akhmetov: Homeland of the ancient Vikings was present-day Kazakhstan

25.10.2021 14:12

Do the Scandinavian Vikings and the Sakas of Asia have common roots?

Yedil Bassygarayev: Why does each kui need backstory?

15.10.2021 17:50

How should one perform kui preserving its authentic sound?

Toygan Izim: Why have we been working all this time?

15.10.2021 13:15

What are the features of the national dance elements?

What is the use of patchwork sewing?

11.10.2021 15:25

Ethno-designer Yrza Tursynzada will tell the «Culture Talks» program about features of patchwork sewing.

Klara Tolenbayeva: Accordion is my best friend

04.08.2021 14:46

Singer, her voice and favorite instrument seem to be created for each other. 

Bayangali Alimzhanov: I have no purpose to surprise anyone

21.07.2021 15:01

Bayangali Alimzhanov made a huge contribution to strengthening the cultural ties of the two fraternal peoples by promoting the Kyrgyz epic «Manas». 

What does Kopen Amirbek regret in his life?

15.07.2021 15:35

 Kopen Amirbek answered the questions of the «Culture talks» program.

What are the main problems of the development of national art in Kazakhstan?

07.07.2021 18:10

He also talks about creative cooperation with Dimash Kudaibergen.

Umitkhan Munalbayeva: Each building has its own unique architectural appearance

06.07.2021 16:00

Today we will talk with the Director of the National Academic Library, Doctor of Pedagogy Umitkhan Munalbayeva.