Delicious Kazakhstan

Green Dumplings. Uyghur Cuisine

01.03.2022 15:11

Uyghurs harvest young clover sprouts at the very beginning of spring and make dumplings from it. The dish is called ‘green dumplings.’

What does a real Sultan's dish look like?

22.12.2021 18:39

Our Turkish journey continues. 

What does a Turkish breakfast consist of?

21.12.2021 18:57

People start their days with it, and therefore it is rich, nutritious and very diverse.

Kyrgyz Dishes

30.11.2021 10:30

The Kazakhs and to the Kyrgyz are brothers. What does this expiration really mean? What are the similarities between the Kazakh and Kyrgyz culture and traditions?

How to cook Ukrainian borscht?

17.11.2021 17:40

Have you heard about the Sorochinsky fair?

How to make Greek soup called «Fasulada»?

15.11.2021 19:15

Many nutritionists recommend the Mediterranean diet based on the principles of Greek cuisine in order to lose weight.

How to cook an Azerbaijani dish «Gutab»?

08.11.2021 17:08

That unique Azerbaijani hospitality is connected precisely with the diversity of the national cuisine.

How do Azerbaijanis prepare shish kebab?

01.11.2021 18:27

What will happen if you take the lamb carcass, a small cooking fire, and spice it all up with some good Caucasian hospitality?

Who is an Easter bunny and why do people need to dye eggs?

25.10.2021 19:34

Easy, practical and tasty!