Enigma of the Great Steppe

The Mystery of the legendary Amangeldy Imanov

29.03.2021 18:34

In this issue you will learn about the secrets of Amangeldy Imanov. What did this batyr look like? What kind of powerful uprising swept his native steppes? You will find out about it right now!

The Secret of Eleke Sazy. The greatest discovery of Kazakh archaeologists

29.03.2021 18:34

The Eleke Sazy complex is one of the most recent discoveries in the world of archeology in Kazakhstan. It is located in the Tarbagatai mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. You will learn more about this in this issue !!

Horse. Symbol of the Turkic peoples

29.03.2021 18:33

In this issue you will learn about the role of horses among the Turkic peoples.

Alibi Dzhangildin. FIRST KAZAKH traveler bypassing half the earth

29.03.2021 18:32

In this issue, the hero - Alibi Dzhangildin - is the first Kazakh traveler who has traveled almost the whole world.

Unsolved secrets of Nurken Abdirov - Hero of the Soviet Union

29.03.2021 18:31

The hero of the Soviet Union, Nurken Abdirov, was called differently. How was the short but vibrant life of this amazing young man?

Secrets of the Ayaguz River

29.03.2021 18:30

In 1882, a scientific expedition by a Russian officer Andreev was conducted on the territory of Kazakhstan.

Striving for freedom. Kerey, Zhanibek Khandar

29.03.2021 18:30

“White spots” in the history of the first Kazakh khans are a real challenge for researchers. Why did Kerey and Zhanibek migrate?

Fascinating sounds. Zhambyl Zhabaev

29.03.2021 18:29

Where is the lie? Who is he? Who, in fact, is Zhambyl Zhabayev?

Ilias Zhansugurov. The great secret

29.03.2021 18:28

Ilias Zhansugurov ... What did he carry in his works?