Experts Talk

Collective immunity to Covid-19

27.01.2021 17:11

Our guest is Areg Totolyan.

How are PCR tests different from rapid tests and from antibody tests?

15.01.2021 15:04

 The National Center for Biotechnology has developed PCR tests to detect Covid-19.

How Georgia managed to restrain the spread of Covid-19, both then and now?

11.01.2021 17:51

Georgia has become one of the most successful countries fighting against coronavirus infection.

How to restore lung function after an illness?

11.01.2021 16:13

Our guest is doctor of medical sciences, professor Saule Kasenova.

COVID-19 vaccines in different countries. How do they differ from each other?

11.01.2021 16:03

The guest of our program tells us about the front of work to combat coronavirus in your research institute.