Faces of Art

How to recognise one’s creative destiny?

13.01.2022 18:17

The project was filmed in the famous Kazakhstan National University of Arts whose rector is the world famous violinist Aiman ​​Musakhadzhayeva.

What is the essence of serving the Theatre?

24.12.2021 18:58

You will get acquainted with the theatre company and its director, honoured artist of Kazakhstan Bekpulat Parmanov.

Zhasulan Yerbolat reveals exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets

22.12.2021 11:49

What questions does the contemporary Kazakh theatre raise?

Tatyana Ten. Will the audience understand her dance?

05.11.2021 18:43

The plastique of body and feelings. The tragedy of separation and the triumph of love...

Jean Tapin and the Astana Opera Company

01.11.2021 19:14

What does it take for a rural boy to turn into a star of the country’s main theatre?

What qualities should a real musician have?

25.10.2021 19:13

How do they get to Kazakhstan's Olympus of musical arts?

Alan Buribayev: towards the future

18.10.2021 14:12

Conductor’s role in the orchestra, stages of preparation of musical projects and their most unusual and creative forms - this and much more will be told by musicians, opera and ballet soloists.

The Atlantis of Dream – Nurkanat Zkakypbai

08.10.2021 20:45

The Atlantis of Dream documentary will tell about the special creative career of the prominent performance artist.

Backstage Secrets- Rustem Seitbekov

01.10.2021 20:45

He helped to create the nation’s two main theatres.