Opening of the banknote printing factory and a brief history of 'tenge'

05.03.2021 16:22

1995, in Kazakhstan the first banknote printing factory is being opened.

Who restored the «Nauryz» in 1988? Revival of the Turkic holiday

05.03.2021 16:21

The Kazakh National Holiday «Nauryz» was restored in 1988.

How was the 150th anniversary of Abai celebrated in 1995?

05.03.2021 16:17

In 1995, the 150th birth anniversary of Abai Kunanbai-uly was celebrated in Kazakhstan and abroad.

A devastating earthquake in Verny. How did this happen?

05.03.2021 16:15

In 1887 Verny was the site of one of The most devastating earthquakes in the region's history.

How was the first Almaty cotton combine created?

05.03.2021 16:14

The first cotton combine in Almaty was built in 1961.

Vladimir Smirnov. Kazakhstan’s first Olympic gold medal

05.03.2021 16:09

In 1994 skier Vladimir Smirnov won the first gold of Independent Kazakhstan.

Year 1937. How was the first Almaty zoo created?

05.03.2021 16:09

In 1937, the first Almaty zoo was opened.

How did the greatest skating rink in Almaty get the name «Medeu»?

05.03.2021 16:07

Many believed that Medeu was named by analogy with Dynamo or Torpedo, but it is not the real fact.

The story of creation of the legendary TV series «The Crossroads». Khabar Agency

05.03.2021 16:05

In 1996 the «Khabar» Agency started to work on the creation of the first domestic tv-series.