Focus on Culture

Takir Balykbayev: I used to think that all artists just entertain people

23.12.2021 18:11

They will talk about what is at the heart of any mathematical discovery, discuss the challenges which modern higher education faces today and discuss why creative people are a special kind of homo sapiens.

What does music mean to Alexey Rozinkin?

15.12.2021 17:06

What difficulties did he face on the way to becoming a conductor?

What kind of challenges does Kazakhstan’s education face today?

25.11.2021 20:00

Why is it vital for technical professionals to master creative disciplines?

Tatyana Shkolnik: The thing that prevents us from keeping going is our fears

18.11.2021 20:00

She will talk about the origins of her creative freedom, share how she decided to drastically change her life and profession.

Why it is necessary to distinguish between the concept of «soundtrack» and «film music»?

18.11.2021 16:03

Oleg will also attempt to answer the biggest philosophical question - what is the meaning of life. Watch on Qazaq TV channel.

How does chess skills help in business?

20.10.2021 14:59

Why does Saken Seifullin prefer Abai State Opera to Vienna Opera House?

How did the people of art fight the Soviet censorship?

13.10.2021 18:40

Can the sound of the Kazakh kobyz enrich the masterpieces of Johannes Brahms?

Nurlan Smagulov: We thought very little about the spiritual. It is time to change

23.08.2021 16:33

Nurlan Smagulov is a well-known entrepreneur and Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Kazakhstan.

What is the place of Kazakhstan in the world cultural process?

17.08.2021 16:30

The next guest of Zhaniya Aubakirova's new episode of the «Focus on culture» program  is a journalist and entrepreneur Dilyara Aidarbekova.