Folk Art

Kazakh percussion instruments

04.12.2020 16:29

The Kazakh people have long had their own classification of percussion instruments.

Museum of folk musical instruments named after Ykhlas

04.12.2020 16:27

Museum was organized in 1980 in accordance with the Decree of the Council of Ministers in KazSSR.

Bolat Sarybaev - a man who had an impact on the development of Kazakh musical art

04.12.2020 16:26

Bolat Sarybaev is a Doctor of Art History, a great researcher.

Orteke is a puppet dance with dombra

04.12.2020 16:24

Orteke is a kazakh folk dance.

Dombra is an embodiment of the kazakh spirit

04.12.2020 16:23

Dombra was the favorite musical instrument of our ancestors.

Kobyz is an ancient Asian instrument

04.12.2020 16:21

Bowed instruments rightfully occupy a separate and not a small niche in world music.

What Kazakh instrument is the progenitor of the classical violin?

04.12.2020 16:20

Where do the roots of the symbol of classical music lead? Where did the very first bow originate?

Azerbaijani musical instruments. «Tar». Part 2

04.12.2020 16:19

«Tar» is a multi-stringed plucked instrument.

Azerbaijan. History, Culture and Musical Instruments

04.12.2020 16:17

Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan. This is Gobustan - a historical and archaeological reserve.