From Antiquity to Modernity


30.11.2020 16:33

Naturally, clays are found in a loose, paste-like or consolidated state.

Copper and Bronze

30.11.2020 16:32

Copper is obtained from sulfide ores.

What Significance did the Ancient Nomads Attach to Stones?

30.11.2020 16:31

Man and stone have been inextricably linked since ancient times.

What metals are considered the most expensive?

30.11.2020 16:29

Why is gold the most well-known precious metal from antiquity to the present day?

Wood Processing

30.11.2020 16:27

How did our ancestors process wood and what did it mean in the life of a nomad?

Iron. What do we know about this unique metal?

30.11.2020 16:26

The Iron Age came when a person learned to mine iron from rocks where there was metal.

Felt and Wool

30.11.2020 16:24

For nomadic peoples, felt and wool were the main materials that served a person throughout their life.

Leather and Fur

30.11.2020 16:21

Processing of leather and fur is perhaps one of the oldest crafts on earth.