Eco Volunteers Cleanse Our Country

18.01.2021 16:53

Nature itself needs help and care just as much.

Action of the doctors together with the fund «Kus zholy»

18.01.2021 16:52

Dangerous disease has already taken many lives.

Darina Arysova, young Top model, generator of new ideas!!

18.01.2021 16:51

Ten-year-old Darina Arysova is familiar with the world of fashion firsthand. From the age of 4, the girl defiles on the catwalk, is removed for gloss and advertising. How to become the same talented girl? You will learn about all this in this issue right

Future champion. Arnur Nurgasy

18.01.2021 16:50

The hero of this issue is the 14th boy, Arnur Nurgasy. the goal of the young athlete from Shamalgan is even higher - to take Olympic gold. How does he prepare for this? You will learn about all this and not only in this issue.

'Zhas Kanat' lights new stars. Akerke Kobzhasarova

18.01.2021 16:49

Akerke prepared to this show with the help of an academic opera singer, the winner of national and international contests.

Golf Champion, Islamia Abeldi

18.01.2021 16:43

At 11 years old, she already participated in many international competitions.

Ball-room Dancer, Valerya Prudko

18.01.2021 16:43

Valerya practices ball-room dancing for more than seven years and she is a real professional.

Kereikhan Kabdulla

18.01.2021 16:41

in his young age of nine years he is already the most promising and talented sportsmen.

Madiyar Assetuly is a talented performer of kuies

18.01.2021 16:40

The young musician also dances beautifully, studies perfectly, plays chess and loves to assemble models of airplanes and ships.