Grand Buildings

Uralsk architecture: from merchant houses to modern buildings

05.02.2021 17:31

The end of the nineteenth century was marked by new standards in architecture in Uralsk.

The history of the emergence of «Bukhara»

05.02.2021 17:31

In what era was the city of «Bukhara» created?

Khiva. The mystery of the oldest city of the Middle Ages

05.02.2021 17:29

Khiva is a city that was the capital of the Khorezm state.

Religious buildings of Uzbekistan

05.02.2021 17:28

Buildings associated with religions have become part of the architectural heritage of Uzbekistan.

Unforgettable architectural monuments of the city of Uralsk

05.02.2021 17:28

Uralsk is a city where there are monuments of the past and buildings directed to the future.

City of Mysteries.Tashkent

05.02.2021 17:27

What is interesting in the constructions of this wonderful city? What secrets do they keep? You will learn about this in this issue.

Samarkand. The center of the legendary route

05.02.2021 17:26

Samarkand was in the heart of the legendary route connecting East and West. What does this city carry? What is interesting about him? Watch this issue now!

Hon-Piquet. The story of the wooden mosque

05.02.2021 17:20

The location of Zharkent on the Silk Road contributed to its rapid growth.

Transformation of Almaty for the New Year

05.02.2021 17:19

Almaty is one of the largest cities in Kazakhstan, where they approach the New Year decoration with special responsibility, creativity, but without fanaticism.