Hello, Kazakhstan!

Acquaintance with Abai Opera House

23.12.2021 11:32

This time, Minkyoung, our guest from South Korea, has big cultural plans. 

Shin Minkyoung is studying a museum in Almaty

13.12.2021 17:32

A fascinating walk around the city arranged by local guy Zakir, leads them to the Museum of Almaty.

How does the island of Otegen Batyr look like?

22.11.2021 17:01

This time Nick and his friends will learn about the history and traditions of the Kapchagai reservoir. 

What does a vintage car museum look like in the Almaty region?

08.11.2021 18:52

American Kazakh Nick Drapeau continues to explore the sights of Almaty and its surroundings. 

Minkyoung Shin gets acquainted with the Kasteev museum

02.11.2021 17:20

From the story of the guide, she learns a lot of interesting things about the youth of the self-taught artist. 

What is hanbok?

26.10.2021 11:11

Seoul’s very own Shin Minkyoung like many of her fellow countrymen came to our country to study relationships between Republic of Korea and countries of Central Asia.

How shildehana toi was celebrated?

18.10.2021 19:09

In the next season of the Hello, Kazakhstan! we again meet Nick Drapeau.

How do international families live in Kazakhstan?

13.10.2021 11:03

The heroine of the program is Mingyon Shin from South Korea, living in Kazakhstan.

How do people celebrate Nauryz holiday?

06.10.2021 16:08

March 21 - a big holiday in Kazakhstan. On this day, the Muslim New Year begins - it is called Nauryz Meiramy.