I'm a Human

Zhanna ... about volunteering and cancer patients ...

31.08.2021 15:01

Zhanna will talk about the difficult category of volunteering and the pain experienced by members of the fund.

How businesses help volunteering. Zhandos Seit

26.08.2021 16:21

Zhandos Seit began his career in charity as an employee of the «Give Children Life» fund.

How do volunteers work in Kazakhstan? The true story of Adel Orazalinova

24.08.2021 17:54

 The hero of this issue is Adel Orazalinova. 

Story of my life. Maya Narimova

26.01.2021 17:49

In this series you will learn about the life of this wonderful person; about how she copes with difficulties and how she manages to combine a lot in her life.

Life without illusions. Gulnar Kunirova

26.01.2021 17:48

She had something to help, had a lot of resources to help in the work of this fund. But somehow imperceptibly it became her main activity. The story of Gulnar Kunirova

Happy man. Bayan Zhandosova

26.01.2021 17:47

The hero of this issue is Bayan Zhandosova. She works with youth, as well as charity. How to make her life saturated? You will learn about this in this issue.

Akmaral Basirova. My hard story

26.01.2021 17:46

The guest of the program is Akmaral Basirova. She is a mother of many children.

Social projects. Saltanat Murzalinova

26.01.2021 17:44

Saltanat told about his volunteer activities, about his experience and much more ...

Bakhtiyar Bazarbekov. A man who never gives up

26.01.2021 17:44

He has only 5% of vision. Despite this person is an active member of society.