Impactful with Lyazzat Shatayeva

Digitization and Decarbonisation - New Areas of Kazakhstan-Italy Cooperation

20.12.2021 17:25

The newly appointed Italian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Marco Alberti joined Lyazzat Shatayeva in this episode of IMPACTFUL to discuss the 30-year-long bilateral ties between the countries.

Ex-President of Turkey Abdullah Gul on the future of country, on Syria and Afghanistan

02.12.2021 20:30

Turkey is expanding the geography of economic and diplomatic ties, paying active attention to its closest neighbors. 

Who are the stateless persons and refugees of Central Asia?

18.11.2021 20:30

Statelessness affects millions of people around the world, denying them access to basic rights and social services.

IMF: Curbing Corruption Can Play Critical Role in Recovery for Central Asia and Caucuses

04.11.2021 20:30

According to the new report, a subdued and uneven recovery is projected for the countries of Central Asia and Caucuses in the next year.

Kazakhstan hits a 40% population immunization target. Are we nearing herd immunity?

28.10.2021 20:30

Kazakhstan responded to the second year of the global pandemic with a strong immunization campaign. 

World Bank: Kazakhstan’s Goal to Become Carbon Neutral by 2060 is Attainable

07.10.2021 20:20

How realistic is Kazakhstan’s ambition to become carbon neutral by 2060?

EBRD Commits to Greening Economies, Dealing with Toxic Uranium Legacy in Central Asia

30.09.2021 20:20

The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction has revised its outlook for economies in Central Asia. 

Lessons in COVID-19 Vaccination from Israel

17.09.2021 10:20

Countries around the world are looking to Israel as a model of how vaccination could bring a return to normal as the country records no daily death cases in the past 10 months.

How NIS prepare for new academic year

12.08.2021 21:21

A unique project of Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools was created, which in over 10 years has become a forge of the country's future intellectuals.