Important Dates in Kazakhstan

How is the New Year celebrated in Kazakhstan?

20.01.2022 16:48

New Year for Kazakhstan is the main favorite holiday. 

Dosbol Kassymov – an artist with a big heart

29.12.2021 12:47

He is one of the creators of the design of the national currency, the author of gold and silver coins dedicated to the great Abai. 

True story about the First President of Kazakhstan

03.12.2021 16:05

The first day of winter is a special one in the history of Independent Kazakhstan. 

Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Who took part in its creation?

31.08.2021 14:57

That is how many people took a part in the general referendum. 

What did the center of the nuclear test site - the city of Kurchatov look like? Real life footage

30.08.2021 19:02

Moscow - 400, Semipalatinsk - 21, Konechnoye station - all these are the former names of Kurchatov.

How is «Kurban Ait» celebrated in Kazakhstan?

21.07.2021 10:33

 What should be done on the day of the celebration of «Kurban Ait»?

How was the capital created in Kazakhstan?

06.07.2021 13:08

In a short time, the young capital city becomes a center of attraction for thousands of Kazakhstanis.

National day of Day of Dombra

06.07.2021 13:03

There are many great legends about the great Dombra, which are still remembered by many people.