Kazakhstan from above

River Boroldai. Beautiful and unique

28.11.2022 15:30

It originates on the slopes of the Boroldai Tau ridge. 

Mysterious ship. In what region of Kazakhstan can it be found?

23.11.2022 16:13

According to a local legend, 2000 years ago, the prophet Mukh found his refuge here. 

Fabulously beautiful Altai!!!

22.11.2022 14:37

It beckons people with its nature including beautiful forests, waterfalls, turbulent rivers.

What natural sights can be seen in the Abai region?

03.11.2022 13:57

How beautiful is the Kazakh land! What amazing places! And how beautiful the Abay region is now! All this in this issue!

Where can you find the mysterious bear gorge?

31.10.2022 20:07

Amazing places in Kazakhstan!!

Semey is the historical center of Kazakhstan

26.10.2022 16:59

What is the history of this city? 

Why do Kazakhstanis love the lake in Pavlodar region?

21.01.2022 18:04

The lake acquired this color due to the effect of the sun on the bacteria and algae that live here.

Turkestan is the spiritual center of all Kazakhstan

21.01.2022 13:15

The large-scale construction of the country's spiritual center combined advanced architectural solutions and cultural and historical heritage. 

What the capital of Kazakhstan «Nur-Sultan» looks like?

18.01.2022 17:39

Over 20 years the young capital turned into a great metropolis.