Ken Dala

Traditions associated with the upbringing of children among the Kazakhs

16.11.2022 18:17

Traditions associated with the upbringing of children among the Kazakhs. What features do the traditions have?

Ulytau history. The Great history of the Great Steppe

07.11.2022 14:32

The history of the settlement of Ulytau. The earliest period is the Late Paleolithic. This is evidenced by various parking lots, locations, workshops. More in this issue!

Ulytau. Where is the sacred mountain?

26.10.2022 21:45

Konstantin Kuksin - ethnographer, traveler, founder of the museum of nomadic culture in Moscow. This time he will explore the Great Ulytau!

What country has the Great Tamerlan never conquered?

18.02.2021 15:24

Contemporaries note that he was a reserved person, he had a great sense of humor. Let's try to understand the legacy of Timur, Tamerlan.

Genghis Khan – Man of the Millennium

27.11.2020 16:05

Genghis Khan is often called the greatest conqueror in the history of mankind.

Genghis Khan - The Ruler of the Universe

27.11.2020 16:02

In the 13th century, this name horrified half of the population of Eurasia.

Temujin's way

27.11.2020 16:00

In 1206, Temujin was raised on a white felt and proclaimed Genghis Khan.

The Military art of Nomads

27.11.2020 15:58

What is the secret of success, the overwhelming success of nomadic armies?

Great Steppe Nomad Culture

27.11.2020 15:56

In this issue, you will learn about the nomads and the semantics of their symbols.