Kokpar. Horse King of Livestock

Lovers inspired by Kazakh life

14.01.2022 14:08

 Lenardo Dovinci.

How is a saddle made?

09.01.2022 10:58

What did the first saddle in Europe look like?

Is the Kazakh land really the homeland of horses?

05.01.2022 12:46

 Stud farm of the German Diaspar.

Horses and medicine

05.01.2022 12:32

Culture of Sumer.

How much is the racetrack in Kazakhstan?

27.12.2021 17:43

What is a Saddlery shop?

Kazakh civilization - the crossroads of which three civilizations?

23.12.2021 16:12

The current 21st century is a time of prosperity for the post-industrial civilization.

In what year did the rules for the game of Kokpar appear?

09.12.2021 13:27

Let's take a look at the history of an item related to Kokpar.

How did our ancestors go in for sports in ancient times?

25.11.2021 12:00

What did they do with themselves?

Kokpar League. What does JKL mean?

18.11.2021 12:00

The JKL Kokpar League is a modern sports version of that very ancient Kazakh Kokpar. This issue is about this. Do not miss!