Made in Kazakhstan

How do satellites help to monitor the fields the feed for the cows is growing?

20.01.2022 21:46

 Innovations in Kazakhstan's industries.

Production of glass, concrete modules, dry building mixtures

14.01.2022 16:58

The presenter goes to the construction sites of Nur-Sultan to investigate how the industries involved in the construction of the Kazakh capital work.

What are self-leveling floors bags made of?

12.01.2022 10:33

 The presenter arrives at the plant for the production of dry building mixtures.

How mechanical engineering is reviving in Kazakhstan?

12.01.2022 10:08

The TV presenter walks along the busy Nur-Sultan street and invites you to find out how mechanical engineering is reviving in Kazakhstan and surprise you with expensive toys for real men.

The uniqueness of the invention of LEDs

30.12.2021 12:07

The project presenter arrived in the main city of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, to learn about the production potential of the Kazakh capital.

What does a poultry farm look like in Kazakhstan?

14.12.2021 18:13

Chicken meat production. How modern technology and scientific knowledge help to raise chickens without genetic engineering?

How are medical masks produced in Kazakhstan?

07.12.2021 18:12

We will visit a plant which is one of the first medical enterprises in Kazakhstan. How the scale and product range of the enterprise have changed over the years? Watch us right now!

Fashion Design Secrets for Olympians

28.10.2021 18:30

2021 was the year of the world's largest sporting events, including the Tokyo Olympic Games. 

How is instant noodles produced in Kazakhstan?

19.10.2021 18:27

Enterprises of various directions operate in the Almaty region today.