My Day in Kazakhstan

Ali Gholamalipour: The nature of Kazakhstan is beautiful

28.11.2022 16:05

Ali Gholamalipour attended Malaysian University, where he met and married Nurzada from Kazakhstan. 

How did Ahmed Hussein get to Kazakhstan?

23.11.2022 14:34

Ahmed Hussein, an Egyptian doctor of philosophy and physics, has worked all over the world, including Central Asia. 

Kasun Abeywardene: I am sincerely grateful to the people of Atyrau!!!

07.11.2022 19:52

Kasun, a financial expert from Canada with extensive experience in international corporations, has been working in Atyrau for the fifth year.

Why do Europeans choose Kazakhstan to study?

31.10.2022 21:30

The answer to this question can be obtained from a PhD student from Germany, Eva Lennartz. 

Who are the modern nomads? Orgil Bat

26.10.2022 19:26

Orgil Bat is one of the brightest representatives of this generation of our contemporaries. Originally from Mongolia, he has been living in Kazakhstan for the third year.

What could be more exciting and exquisite than alpine skiing!

02.02.2022 15:05

Head of the international recruiting company Michael Germershausen is from East Germany. 

Gordon is a great photo artist!

02.02.2022 10:19

Gordon Haskins rescues animals in trouble on the streets of Almaty.

Victoria Charbonneau

13.01.2022 18:53

Very few people can make such a sharp turn in life as Victoria Charbonneau.