Next Generation

Azamat - Creator of Cyborgs

08.10.2021 18:51

This is such a paradox. As a robot appears, one more job for a person appears too. 

Adiya Manabassova: I can’t imagine my life without ballet

17.08.2021 10:28

Adiya Manabassova will graduate from the Seleznev Almaty Choreographic School in 2023. 

Assel Bekzhan: Every picture should have meaning

09.08.2021 18:46

She is often inspired by people.

Aiganym Mukhamedrakhimova. Sincere emotions and motion design

09.08.2021 18:12

She has three brothers and she is the only girl.

Sanzhar Zhaksylykbayev: Strength is not in the wrist, but in the heart of a person

27.07.2021 16:52

Sanzhar is an ecologist, rescuer, athlete, serves as a firefighter in the ranks of emergency situations.

Ulan Ussenov: Each student must be treated as a person

19.07.2021 15:52

Public started recognise him early this year through TikTok videos.

Madina Orazbay: I want to sing in the La Scala theater

13.07.2021 14:24

Today's hero is Madina Orazbay. 

Alexey Lodochnikov – russian guy with Kazakh soul

26.05.2021 14:55

Alexey Lodochnikov is a musician. Plays the dombra, composes songs. As an actor he took part in the filming of the series. He is 22 years old.

Beauty on skis

06.05.2021 17:10