Open Talk

Maria Imayeva, Madina Abdrashitova

08.01.2021 17:53

Spain has broken the record for the number of people infected with coronavirus.

Open Talk. Sapar Rakhmensheev

04.01.2021 10:10

Our guest is the head physician of the mental health center Sapar Rakhmensheev.

Open Talk. Kaisar Tabynov

29.12.2020 12:01

 Why is it so difficult to create a vaccine?

Open Talk: Aya Kalieva

16.12.2020 15:47

Aya Kalieva is a director of the Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

Rakhman Alshanov. How has the pandemic affected and will still affect Kazakhstanis?

07.12.2020 17:37

Rakhman Alshanov is a Rector of the «Turan» University.