Oriental Vintage

What Kazakh traditional elements can be used to decorate children's clothes?

04.02.2021 15:56

What new have modern designers introduced into Kazakh children's clothing?

How to design a collection in ethnic style?

04.02.2021 15:56

When did the nomads of the great steppe begin to follow the trends?

Nomad clothes in modern style

04.02.2021 15:55

What unique costumes did the nomads create? And how are they presented in the world today?

Organic Clothing. How to sew an outfit from pure natural materials?

04.02.2021 15:54

Eco trends are very popular in today’s world.

Saki animal style in the modern fashion industry

04.02.2021 15:53

Saki animal style conquers the fashion industry.

How to decorate an outfit with a bright scarf? Handkerchief History

04.02.2021 15:51

All about shawls and what is now in trend, you will learn in this issue right now !! Enjoy watching!!

How to decorate a day outfit with ethnic-style jewelry? What is trending now?

04.02.2021 15:51

Amulets, beads, brooches, bracelets, medallions. What place do talismans occupy in modern fashion? You will learn about this and much more from the new issue of Oriental Vintage!

Folk style of clothing. History of Kazakh folk art

04.02.2021 15:50

What is the national costume in folklore? And what is folk style today? We will talk about all this in the new edition of the Oriental vintage program.

Fashion and costume history. Movie heroes

04.02.2021 15:49

How does the image of nomads appear on the screen and on the stage? How is the national costume involved? You will learn about this and much more in this issue right now !!