Karzhaubay Sartkozhauly is a professor, scientist - turkologist

19.11.2020 17:04

He proved that Kazakhs are descendants of the great civilization of the Turks.

Altyngul Madenkyzy. I always dreamed of being useful in my native land

19.11.2020 17:00

Altyngul Madenkyzy also took an active part in the creation of the center for national crafts.

Assel Kuspanova. Returning from the city of white nights

19.11.2020 16:56

Assel Kuspanova is one of those who returned to the historical homeland from Saint Petersburg.

Inju-Marjan Kuanbai is a teacher moved back from Mongolia

19.11.2020 16:52

Inju-Marjan Kuanbai is a teacher.

Shugyla Sapargalikyzy is a talanted dancer moved back from China

19.11.2020 16:51

Shugyla Sapargalikyzy was born in China in 1971.

Golden eagle is a symbol of courage and courage. How is this bird looked after among the Kazakh people?

19.11.2020 16:49

Bergenbai Tastenbek will talk about how to care for the golden eagle, the symbol of Kazakhstan.

Zhanbolat Nusipzhan - a jeweler with a big heart

19.11.2020 16:46

Zhanbolat Nusipzhan is a professional in the field of jewelry and pottery.

Durvudhan Suragan. Developer of innovative theory in mathematics

19.11.2020 16:45

Durvudhan Suragan is the youngest Kazakh scientist with his  international level in the field of math.

Bekbolat Nurdanbek. Тhe keeper of priceless masterpieces

19.11.2020 16:44

Bekbolat Nurdanbek is engaged in the restoration of artifacts that keep centuries-old secrets.