QAZAQ LIFE. Dastur with Tamara Asar

What kazakh ceremonies does the bridegroom take? Tamara Assar will talk about another tradition

23.11.2020 17:18

After the groom’s parents ask the bride in marriage, the groom is sent to present gifts to her relatives.

The magic of the number «7». Tamara Assar tells about the mystery of this number among kazakhs

23.11.2020 17:11

In the Kazakh people,some moments of life and everyday life are associated with the number «7».

Rituals and superstitions. Tamara Assar tells about signs of the Kazakh people

23.11.2020 17:04

In this issue, Tamara Assar together with the guests of the program will talk about the signs of the Kazakh people.

The sacred meaning of hair in the Kazakh nation. Tamara Assar talks about traditions of hair growing

23.11.2020 16:58

In this issue, Tamara Assar talks about traditions of hair care with the guests.

How are «Yurts» created in a modern style? Tamara Assar tells about types of the Kazakh «Yurts»

23.11.2020 16:55

Tamara Assar, together with her guests, talks about the types of Kazakh Yurts.

«Shildehanа», «Besik Toy». Kazakh traditions

23.11.2020 16:51

Shildehanа  is a Kazakh holiday in honor of the birth of a child. How is this ceremony performed? You will learn about this and all other things in this issue.

«The verbal wealth of the people is an invaluable legacy». Tamara Asar on oratory

23.11.2020 16:47

«The words of the ancestors are the source of wisdom». The art of speech, preserved in the memory of people and transmitted to us, is a precious heritage of our ancestors.

Types of traditional gifts on kazakh land

23.11.2020 16:41

Gifts were always supposed to be presented to batyrs, leaders, orators, fighters, well-aimed shooters, and artists. 

Journey to the world of Abay!

23.11.2020 16:35

The work of Mukhtar Auezov about the life of the great Abay is permeated with national spirit and traditions.