Qazaq Quest

Qazaq Quest 5. Bakhyt Kanat goes to Aktau

31.08.2021 15:09

He will walk along the embankment covered with mythical statues. 

Qazaq Quest 4. Bakhyt Kanat goes to Turkistan

30.08.2021 18:57

Today the host of Qazaq Quest show Bakyt Kanat will go to one of the ancient cities of Kazakhstan.

Qazaq Quest 3. Bakyt Kanat goes to Shymkent

27.08.2021 18:28

The host of the program will visit the Philharmonic named after. Sh. Kaldayakov.

Qazaq Quest 2. Host Roza Mukatayeva will travel to the Almaty region

26.08.2021 14:58

She will visit Shamalgan village.

Qazaq Quest 1. Host and traveler Daniel James explores the city of Almaty

25.08.2021 11:56

He will study street art and drawings that adorn the city's high-rise buildings.

The participant Aidyn Zhasybai in Shymkent

02.02.2021 17:16

Aydin is ready to solve the next task!

«Qazaq Quest». The participant Aidyn Zhasybai in Taraz

01.02.2021 18:37

What kind of secrets does this ancient city of the country keep?

«Qazaq Quest». The participant Aidyn Zhasybai in Turkistan

29.01.2021 14:51

Turkistan is truly the sacred land of Kazakhstan, 21 khans, 52 batyrs, 19 biys and 8 sultans are buried here.

«Qazaq Quest». The participant Aidyn Zhasybai in Atyrau

28.01.2021 16:04

Today we will go to the city, which was founded back in 1640 by the merchant Guryi Nazarov.