Reflections on History

The last autumn of Khairetdin Bolganbaev

20.12.2021 19:23

What was Khayretdin Bolganbaev really thinking and dreaming about in the last autumn of his life?

Ualikhanov and Dostoevsky. Secrets are in the details

08.12.2021 18:18

Do you see the rosewood box?

Who sought the treasures of the Saka?

02.12.2021 18:25

How the pursuit of gold began and how it came to an end? 

The Golden Horde portrayed in a knightly ballad about nomads

18.11.2021 19:05

 It was the second half of the 13th century. 

Where did one seek the route to the treasures of India?

04.11.2021 19:43

Astrakhan. The year is 1713. A Mangyshlak merchant arrives in the city. He declares to the Astrakhan grandee that he desires an audience with Emperor Peter the Great, no less. 

Where was the kingdom of the Amazons?

27.10.2021 19:03

What nation did this ancient sisterhood belong to?

The Greatest sage of Greece - Anacharsis

15.10.2021 15:25

Anacharsis, who had just gone ashore, was going up to the city. 

Who killed Muhammad Haydar Dulati? Bloody detective of the 16th century

01.09.2021 18:41

How can one establish the truth after so many years?

Escaping from killers and the making of history. Muhammad Haidar Dughlat

25.08.2021 16:18

It was an incredible epoch: the era of high-ranking poets and scientists.